Crest Development, Chosen Building Experts For New Jersey Medical Construction Companies, Asks, “Is Your Office Making Patients Turn Away?”

As a dental or medical practice, your space is crucial to your success. It’s where you provide patients with quality care, and it’s where your team develops their skills and expertise. However, there comes a point when your space may need to be improved for your growing practice. Crest Development, one of the leading medical construction companies in New Jersey, offers tips on knowing when finding a new space can be crucial to the health of your practice.

So, when is it time to make a change? Here are 5 Signs that your dental or medical practice has outgrown its space:

dental or medical construction companies new jersey-crowded lobby1.Limited Space for Patients and Staff

If your medical practice has limited square footage, it becomes challenging to accommodate your patients’ needs. Patients want to feel comfortable while waiting and receiving treatment, and a cramped space can create anxiety. Over time, a crowded area may make your patients think twice about visiting your practice.

2. Outdated Technology

Advancements in medical technology are essential to providing top-quality care for your patients. If your current space doesn’t allow for the latest medical equipment and technologies, it could mean missed diagnoses, lower patient satisfaction, and reduced referrals.

3. Inefficient Layout

A poorly structured space can lead to long wait times, lower staff productivity, and increased patient frustration. If your layout isn’t optimized for your practice’s workflow, a renovation or new space could be in order.

4. Limited Parking

Patients need convenient and safe parking to access your practice. For instance, patients and staff might face a parking crisis if your medical practice is located in a densely populated area without reserved parking spaces. This can lead to fewer patient visits and, ultimately, a negative impact on revenue.

dental or medical construction companies new jersey-medical team5. Reduced Staff Morale

Your practice environment plays a significant role in your employees’ morale and whether they remain committed to your practice in the long term. If your space doesn’t reflect the values of your practice or doesn’t provide enough privacy for the needs of your patients and staff, it could lead to staff burnout (fatigue and increased stress) and high staff turnover. Ultimately, this can lead to a lack of focus on patient needs.

Benefits of Building a New Facility

Building a new facility can come with some significant benefits. A new facility enables the creation of a custom-designed space to meet your practice’s specific needs and requirements.

A new space also provides you with more freedom in choosing your location, which can lead to increased foot traffic and visibility. A new facility can also be outfitted with the latest green energy solutions and energy-efficient technologies, leading to ongoing cost savings and a positive environmental impact.

Benefits of Renovating a Current Space

Renovation of an existing space provides the advantages of updating your space without relocating and can reduce building costs. Renovation allows you to customize your space to your practice’s changing needs and the current competitive environment. Renovation increases your space’s energy efficiency, enhancing patient comfort while reducing energy bills.

Benefits of Renovating a Retail Space for Medical Practice Use

Utilizing a retail space for medical practice has a plethora of benefits. Retail spaces have excellent visibility, are located in high-traffic areas, and are easily accessible. The space can be customized to your practice’s unique needs, and using retail space for medical practice eliminates the expense of building. Renovating a retail space for your medical practice changes the face of your practice, providing an inviting, modern atmosphere that supports patient trust.

Crest Development, The Trusted Leader Among Dental And Medical Construction Companies In New Jersey, Wants To Help Your Practice Grow



Crest Development is an expert in new construction and renovation of medical facilities. Our construction services provide design-build solutions for medical practices of all sizes. We offer our medical and dental practice clients customized construction options for new builds from the ground up, current office space renovations, and retail-to-medical office conversions.

We specialize in medical and dental space, including:

  • Patient Reception (Lobby) Area
  • Office Space
  • Exam Rooms
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Medical Labs
  • Surgical Suites
  • High-Density File Storage
  • Medication and Equipment Storage
  • Restroom Facilities

Crest Development, Building Experts For Dental And Medical Construction Companies in New Jersey and The Tri-State Area Wants To Help Your Practice Grow

An inadequate facility can hinder a dental or medical practice’s growth, which may lead to reduced revenue and lower staff morale. Recognizing the signs early on, like cramped spaces and outdated technologies, can indicate a need for renovation or moving into a new facility.

Building a new facility, renovating your current space, or utilizing retail space for the medical practice all have different benefits, but all will advance your practice to the next level. Crest Development has over 30 years of experience with design and construction services for medical facilities.

Is your practice ready for more growth? We have custom-building solutions that can give you the space you need and bring more patients in the door.

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