How Can I Find the Best Retail Construction Near Me For My Dental Practice?

If you need a location for your dental practice, the options can appear overwhelming. For example, you have offices, retail spaces, stand-alone buildings, and each can come with advantages and disadvantages. Retail locations are appealing, but the thought of having to remodel a location to fit your practice’s unique needs can be challenging. Yet, retail locations can provide the visibility you need to reach more patients, which makes it clear that this is the right space for your practice. If you found the perfect retail location for your practice, and wonder, “Who can do retail construction near me?” Crest Development will transform any retail space into your dream dental office location!

Why a Retail Space?

As one of several options for a dental practice, retail offers several advantages over other locations. A retail space itself acts as free marketing for your practice due to its proximity to highly-trafficked shops and restaurants in the area. An attractive storefront draws the attention of nearby shoppers who are your potential patients. In addition, due to its open location, patients can access your practice without the major hassles of parking often faced at traditional office locations.

How Do I Find the Right Space?

Now that you’ve decided to choose a retail space for your practice’s location, you need to find the right area. First, you want to look for a busy shopping center with open retail space. Consider leasing options and parking availability. Ideally, you want a storefront that faces the road. You also will want to review the demographics of the areas you’re considering to meet your target patient base. Keep in mind traditional dental offices may seek different retail spaces than those that cater to pediatric patients only.

retail-construction-near-me-dentistsThe ADA has a member-exclusive interactive map that shows data across the U.S.

It includes:

  • Geographic distribution of active dentists
  • The median income in the area
  • Federally qualified health centers with dental services in each state

The ADA map allows you to zoom in on counties, cities, and zip codes. You can also view how many active dentists per 5,000 people are in each state. These options will help you find the best area for your practice’s location to serve the community’s needs.

How Do I Remodel a Retail Space Into A Dental Office?

retail-construction-near-me-patientAfter choosing the ideal retail location for your practice, you need to focus on what the commercial construction needs will be to renovate or remodel the space to meet your practice’s unique requirements. Keep in mind, you will want to think about a host of details such as…

  • What size lobby can we accommodate?
  • How much office space is required?
  • Do we need a certain number of treatment rooms or areas?
  • How many chairs can our space allow?
  • Can the current electrical and plumbing handle our equipment needs?
How Can Crest Development Help?

Moving your dental practice to a retail space presents a unique challenge because the space likely wasn’t originally built as a medical building. Finding the right contractor who is experienced in not just commercial construction but in working with medical clients and retail spaces is critical to meeting your practice’s renovation needs. Crest Development provides turnkey development services in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Our commercial construction services extend to all types of businesses, but we are one of the very few contractors with expertise in retail renovation for dental and medical offices. This makes us the best choice for renovating your retail dentist office location.

We not only renovate the retail space into a medical space, but we can also can acquire equipment for you. Our team includes of experts who can provide any type of service needed from location renovation to ongoing maintenance. We work with your team every step of the project from concept to finish, and we never outsource our work to third parties or subcontractors. Instead, we have a permanent team of the best construction experts to be found in the industry.

Furthermore, we also provide facility management and maintenance, from electrical to janitorial to landscaping services. Who better to provide oversight of your new offices than the ones who built them?

Ready to Move Your Dental Practice? Choose Crest Development for Quality Retail Construction Every Step of the Way!

In conclusion, a retail location gives your dental practice the accessibility and visibility needed to get more patients. Crest Development leads the way in the building and renovation of dental and medical buildings in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.

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